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Founded in 2020, Bushi Designs is proud to be among the 0.1% of woman-owned creative firms serving clients nationwide across corporate, retail, and small to medium-sized business markets.


It is our mission to bring to light what is truly special about you and your company by creatively expressing it. 


Our vision is to create modern design solutions for clients that help elevate and reflect their company's values and beliefs through digital, environmental, and physical spaces. 

Why the name Bushi Designs?

The word 'Bushi' comes from the word 'Bushido' which is the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese samurai. The Bushido values and ethical code emphasizes righteousness, loyalty, honor, respect, honesty, courage and consistency. Here at Bushi Designs, we have adopted the same practices and beliefs which have made our work environment transcend with clients.

Our Process

Video Conference

2. Contract &

Once both parties agree to the terms & conditions we can move onto the fun part!

Graphic Designer

4. Final

Bushi Designs will provide all assets to the client in which they have agreed upon.

1. In-person / Virtual Consultations

Whether you prefer in-person or virtual calling. Or across the country we will cater to you.

The Contract

3. Drafts / Edits
with Client

Prepare to go through 3-5 drafts before we land on a final deliverable.

Lecture Presentation

Our Quality Guarantee

Bushi Designs takes great pride in our ability to cater to our clients and create a custom experience that works just for them. Bushi Designs also understands that our clients expect professionalism and high-quality service and we won't send anything we aren't proud of. If you have any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to reach out!

Let's Discuss Your Next Project.

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